A colossal political mistake made by Burra Constituency

By Umar Saleh Burra

Before the 2023 general election, Many good people of Burra constituency delve into the ocean of thoughts thinking who to elect as the Member State House of Assembly to save them in another four year because we have loss hope into the seat of state assembly for the past four year under APC.

After primary election took place and Ibrahim Tanko Burra emerged as winner of the primary election, The good people of Burra constituency came up with an idea of voting Ibrahim Tanko Burra to do job for the love and unwavering trust we have upon him as man who is having an excellent reputation of being man of Integrity that stayed at home with us for many years.

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His reputation as man of a rare Integrity among his type couple with his historical experience is what lured many to go for him helter skelter as their choice to be their messiah at that odd hours not knowing that he was just analog type.

The good people of our constituency have work harder in order to see Tanko Burra emerged at the seat of the state House of Assembly if not the seat is looking too hot for him at the moment.

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They endorsed of Tanko Burra based on his impressive track record and capacity, in line with the community’s wishes, But the story is otherwise for the community’s wishes after some months in office.

The elected lawmaker has proved to be a disaster, a disappointment and a failure to his constituency after marked 100 days in office without capital and human project to his constituency.

However, Some of his fellow lawmakers at the state house of assembly have been so steadfast and proactive in working for their constituency to fulfill their compaign promise in both capital and human project in their five months in office but Tanko Burra choice remains an collosal Political mistake made by our constituency in a short period of time.

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Our good people of Burra constituency should rise up and rescue our constituency by calling our slumber representative at the state and national assembly at a time when every lawmaker is working tooth and nail towards transformation his constituency.



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