17 Ways To Test True Love

I Love you! You love me! Is a common saying. Everyone want to be in Love but not everyone is ready to pay the price. To know whether it is true love or not. I will mention few ways to test true love.

  1. Truth Test

True love is not afraid to tell the whole truth, but lust and infatuation have a lot to hide / keep. So, if you are still hiding behind one “finger”, keeping the truth from your partner because you don’t want him or her to know the truth , who will later know? Don’t be a deceiver. You’re not a true lover. True love doesn’t lie neither keep any records truth.

Be truthful and real. If he or she will stay, why not, she will. It is better you tell him or her than finding out later.

  1. Time Test

Real love do survive test of time because it is deeply rooted before it started. It is rooted in the other person’s total personality and not just the physical appearance because the more they know of each other, the more the love grows.

Check it, if that guy that used to come almost everyday now finds it difficult to see you for a whole month, fail to call or never pick your calls, it only shows that he is not in love and he has seen it all, it is time to go. Not a real love.

  1. Goal Test

True love is ready to give, even if it hurts, it is unselfish, committed, you want to do all you can to make the other party happy as far as he want in the fear of God, that is true love. If all what your partner want is to collect from you or have sex with you, he or she is not in love.

If your desire is to get somebody to kiss, caress, fondle and sleep with that’s infatuation not true love. His her her goal must not be sex.

  1. Maturity Test

Teenagers are not ripe enough for love affairs or anything call love, they can only be infatuated which they call love. If you are still a teenager you are deceiving yourself, if the person you are going into relationship with is a teenager you are both in Infatuated not love because True love can only come from matured, regenerated and unselfish mind.

True love is always matured both physically , emotionally , intellectually, spiritually, financially etc.

  1. Prayer Test

The person you are in love with, is he a lover of prayer and the word of God? If not, it is very dangerous to marry such a person. It is better to marry someone who is in love with prayer than someone who is in love with beer.

True love puts God first and is not afraid to go before him in prayer. Marry someone that love prayer not someone who doesn’t see reasons why prayer is needed.

  1. Character Test

How is the character of your lover? Is he or she a drunkard, a smoker or a flirt? Does he/she put God first in everything? Does he or she believe in pure courtship? Have you ever found him fighting on the street, or you discover that he is a cultist and indulge in examination malpractices or embezzlement of company’s money?

If he or she is not of a good character and you know all these and you pretend as if you do not see, it shows that you are only being infatuated but not in real love. Real love is based on godly character and integrity.

  1. Friends Test

My dear! Friends matter. Who are the friends of your partner, are they believers or not? If they are not, you are about to sell yourself cheaply into the hand of a wolf that will devour you because no way, no how, they will influence your partner negatively.

Look at his or her friends, if they drink, smoke and womanise then you are just deceiving yourself because you’ve not found a true love partner.

  1. God’s Voice Test

If God is not leading you into that relationship you are living dangerously by going into it.

Real love hear God’s voice and obeys it, infatuation and lust disdain the voice of God.

  1. Distance Test

Distance kills infatuation easily but in true love there is always Faithfulness no matter where your partner is.

In real love absence makes your heart grow, fond of the one you love, real love do survive the distance test.

  1. Peace Test

Do you have peace of mind in that relationship? Is your mind settle? Or does it take away your joy, happiness and all you now have is fear, guilt, sorrow and regret? This is a sign that the relationship is not based on true love.

Test that love, with your peace of mind. If peace is absent or far from it, God is not in it and love is far from it.

  1. People’s Test

I know that people will not choose for you but If everybody around you most especially your friends, parent and pastor disagree with your choice of partner. please, watch it.

If you’re blindfolded with love people around you are not “blind together with you. If all of them disagree with you, it is not true love.

  1. Protocol Test

True love is obedient and submissive to constituted authority, infatuation and lust have no regard for anybody or authority.

If he or she is not ready to be submissive, obey your church leaders, feel you are too much in love to be corrected or directed by your church leaders, that’s not true love.

  1. Thought Test

What is your thought towards your partner. Of good or evil? Do you always have a dirty thought about him or her? Thought of sexual intercourse? This shows that it is not real love.

Real love always have a pure and godly thought towards the other party.

  1. Money Test

Is it someone you can trust your money with? Or all what his after is your money. Are you save with him or her when it comes to money? If you can’t trust your money with your partner that is not real love. You’re not safe.

Your lover must be someone you can trust your money, possession and everything you’re to.

  1. Domestic Test

Can he or she do some domestic chores? Like cooking, washing of dish and cloth, sweeping and mopping of floor, laying of bedspread etc if you found out but you keep saying she will change you’re on On Your Own. Real love is always domesticated.

  1. Giving Test

The person you’re in love with must be a cheerful giver. Not someone who only receive. Must be ready to give all time not only when you need his or her assistant or help. Anyone who cannot give without being forced doesn’t have real love for you. True love give.

  1. Acceptance Test

Does he or she accept you the way you’re or he or she is just managing you. True love never manage each other but accept each other. If all he or she do is just to complaints about you all the time, your appearance, how you talk etc you’ve not got a true love.

Remember: If you find out that the person you are engaged with or want to engaged with you lack all these, I beg, flee! Test the Love and hold unto that one which is good. God bless us all.

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