Tributes To Late Khadija Muktar Ahmad

Tears, sorrows and grieves accompanied by the chant of Allahu Akbar characterised the sad moment that I lost my neighbor, sister, the mother of orphans, and the Chief Executive Officer (C.E.O) Nafshery Charity Foundation in person of late Khadija Mukhtar Ahmad (Nafa’a) who died as a result of car accident on Sunday 3 March 2024.

The last time I personally met late Khadija in Azare was when I attended the wedding of my younger sister Rahama Muhammad Danliti, Khadijah called me on her phone and said, “Young Journalist, have you come to the city?” I said “Yes” and she said “They are preparing on how they will give some support to the less privileged and orphanage homes in the community.

I told her Insha Allah I’ll be there to join them and contributes my services to humanity. A day after, I didn’t have the chance to go. She called me again and told me to come. I said that I will met Uncle Engr Anas and we will be there.

We went there in the morning and discusses on how to collaborates with the Community Leaders, Traditional Title Holders, Politicians in the State.

That was my last to have a face-to-face contact with late Khadijah, then I return back to my workplace in Jos and we continued our discussion through WhatsApp.

However, few months ago I visited her in Bukur town. When she saw me, she said, “Young Journalist, I have grown up together with you for almost 10 years and I never see you. I told her that’s true, we played and laughed together happily.

Khadijah told me she has three plans in life, she wants to help the orphans, the poorest and the sick people.

Khadijah also said that she plans to establish a foundation to help orphans, vulnerable women and girls and these out of school children to educate them on political participation and involvement as well as how they will give their contributions to the community.

The plans impressed me and I support her based on that intention and also wish her all the best and pray for Almighty Allah to bless her.

The Khadijah Foundation was established started working in September 2023, where she first distrusted food items to more than 26 vulnerable people and orphans at Alhaji Danliti Mai Tangaran resident Azare.

No matter what Khadijah will do if it is for her Foundation will ask me for advice for a proper guidance that will help her in doing the task efficiently.

Khadijah continues to help the community and supporting them with medical expenses, school fees, distributing books to Islamic schools and other important things.

Furthermore she spends monthly salary helping many orphans, poor people and distributes notebooks to many Islamic schools in Azare.

She passed away while serving the humanity and the community will really miss her service of humanity sha has the desires to continuing to help the community until the end of her life and that is how she fulfilled her goal of helping the community until her death.

A week before her death, she sent the message of two ID cards, 10k medical bill to the needy.

Khadijah’s death left two children, we are praying for them may Almighty Allah forgive their mother and blesses their lives.

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