FMC Azare set to transform into a Teaching Hospital

The premier tertiary health institution in Northern part of Bauchi state, Federal Medical Centre (FMC Azare) has been set to transform into teaching hospital.

The Chief Medical Director, Dr. Dauda Abubakar Katagum disclosed optimism over the imminent upgrade of FMC, Azare into the status of a Teaching Hospital.

He expressed this optimism in an interview marking his one year anniversary as the Chief Medical Director.

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Dr. Katagum opined that with its current status as a tertiary institutions that’s close to the Federal University Health Science Azare (FUHSA) FMC is well positioned to naturally evolve into a Teaching Hospital.

He asserted that, given its robust facilties and skilled manpower, FMC, Azare is the ideal choice to serve as Teaching Hospital to the Federal University of Health Sciences Azare, for professional training needs.

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Discussing on the challenges of the official responsbilities of his office, he attributed the success being put in place to divine grace and his past experience in sister institutions.

The Chief Medical Director emphasized the signifcance of respecting professional ethics in discharging medical responsibilities, an area he specifically focus on to improve patient care.

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