Prof. Njodi’s candidature and the quest for unlocking the state’s potentials

The jewel in the savannah is forever worthy to have the best governance in the 2027 elections. There is every need to elect a competent candidate who would become a rallying point where hope and pride can be restored for the state. Our dreams and aspirations remain to develop the state, come up with innovative stewardship that can improve our education, Healthcare, infrastructure, agriculture and run a functional and all-inclusive leadership that will connect our people to the national grid.

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Prof. Ibrahim Njodi had possessed all the leadership qualities listed above. He had stand tall in the history of the state for he sees these progressive ideas as tools to create society that works for both the rich and the poor. The Political juggernaut is a great personality, energetic, dexterous, emphathetic, and also a beacon of hope not just to Gombe but the country at large. If given the mandate, I believe he will be executing mighty projects that will have direct impact on individuals in the state.

Dear Gombawas, let's move to the path of resolute development, peaceful and democratic state with respect to the rule of law, transparency and collective participation. May the strength of our  patriotic footprints be actualized in fostering our state into a prosperous one. Allah bamu saa 2027 and beyond...

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