Bauchi govt dopts new toilet design for public places

Bauchi State Government and stakeholders in partnership with WaterAid Nigeria have officially resolved to provide newly designed toilets in all market places across the state.

The partnership also recognised the need to review and update BASEAPA’s checklist for approval of all public toilets by the Bauchi State Physical Planning and Development Control Board to reflect the new designs.

This followed the partnership resolutions arrived at between the state government and WaterAid Nigeria where they also agreed to review and update the issuance of licence, operational permit and inspection of public toilets for compliance with the new designs.

According to the partnership, all ministries, departments and agencies in the state would henceforth reflect the cost for the new designs and in bill of quantities in their annual budgeting processes.

The partnership statement was signed by Bauchi State Environmental Protection Agency led by Dr Ibrahim Kabir; State Physical Planning and Development Control Board led by Gonna Aligu Ahmed and Head of WASH, WaterAid under Manpet Chiktu.

They all resolved that public toilet owners in the state would be mandated to improve existing toilets to incorporate the features of the new designs to enhance usage.

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