Open Letter To Bauchi State Governor Sen. Bala Muhammad

To His Excellency, Senator Bala Muhammad Abdulqadir, The Executive Governor of my state, Bauchi State.

Your Excellency sir, constructions of about five roads in the state-owned University is quite commendable and for sure it can renders the institution accessible and free from becoming waterlogged which will in turn positively stimulates teaching and learning.

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However, sir I would like to bring to your notice that, the 46th year old state-owned college named Aminu Saleh College of Education Azare is also in dire need of the similar transformation because both the students and their lecturers are finding it difficult to access through the college to teach and learn most especially during the rainy season.

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Lastly sir, as you remain the architect of modern Bauchi, we pray that may Allah The Master of All Kingdoms and The Owner of the Dominion continue to be your Shepherd and aggrandize your efforts to take our dear state to the higher heights.

Da fatan za’ayi Juma’a lafiya
Dini Wakili
A Concern student

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