Appointment of Tablasco: A time for youth inclusivity in governance

The Senator represent Bauchi central senatorial, Abdul Ahmad Ningi has made an inclusive choice at a right time by the appointment a former Ningi local government Chairman Mamuda Hassan Tabla as his Legislative aided (LA).

The involvement of youth in governance is crucial for sustainable development and progress. The Ningi Local Government Area is no exception, as it seeks to foster growth and inclusivity within its community.

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The appointment of former Chairman didn’t come to us as a surprise because of his track record of engagement in various youth initiatives and community development programs, he has demonstrated a genuine passion for making a difference and his unwavering determination and dedication have earned him respect and admiration from both peers and elders alike.

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Abdul Ning made a good decision by involving youth into his aided, this will showcase the commitment to recognizing and promoting local talent by entrusting a young and capable leader from within the community.

Appointment of former Chairman is a time for youth inclusivity in governance because of his great sense of responsibility, belief in unity, and dedication to youth inclusivity in governance. His visionary leadership, coupled with his ability to connect with the community and the youth, makes him a promising candidate to spearhead positive change.

Umar Saleh Burra


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