Open Letter To Bauchi State Governor Sen. Bala Muhammad


His Excellency,
Sen. Bala Muhammad Abdulkadir
Executive Governor of Bauchi State
Chairman PDP Governors Forum
Kauran Bauchi/ Jagaban Katagum.

Sir, I wish to start by congratulating you for the good and transparent leadership you play since from your emergence as a Governor of Bauchi state 2019. This has shown that the people of the state recognize your ability to provide efficient and accountable leadership responsive to the problems of the citizens of the state.

As you mentioned in your speech during your campaign for gubernatorial election, education is a bedrock of development of any society. I strongly agree with you and therefore wish to intimate you with the serious problems facing education in Bauchi state.

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As the governor, I sincerely hope that your efforts at redeeming the falling standerd of education in the state will go a long way in reducing our numerous problems in the state.These is an acute shortage of qulified teachers in most secondary schools in the state. Even the few teachers in service are not qulified to teach the subjets they handle. This is because they are not well equipped to teach the subjets they handle .

I therefore suggest sir, that you mandate the State Teaching Service Commision to embark on a mass employment of qulified NCE and Graduate teachers . Also regular workshops and seminars should be organized to update teachers knowledge of recent developments in the diffrent fields of education.

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Secondly, shortage of laboratory equipment has drastically affected the standard of education in the state. Most of the buildings in our schools are dilapidated. The school infrastructure needed for the proper fuctioning of our schools like standerd building, tables, chairs, desks, chalkboard etc. Are grossly inadquate as they exist in most schools. Most schools buildings have been destroyed by storm and this has made it imposible for proper learning to go on. In most schools students either sit on the floor or stand throughout the duration of teaching. In this situation, only a few of them ever get to learn and the consequence is the fast-declining standard of education in the state.

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The situation is so bad that some schools do not have toilets and it becomes very shameful seeing teachers and students running into the bush to ease themsalves. Sir, I recommend, as immediate relief measures.

Finally sir, I have written this letter to you beceuse i am cofident of your leadership abilities. I beliave that the solutions recommended above are workable if implememted. I therefore hope you will use your good offices and highly respected position to help solve these problems.

Your faithfully
Comrade Hassan Lawan
(Hardon Ragwam)
Aspiring for Bauchi State Speaker of the Youth Assembly of Nigeria YAN

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