Abdul Ning, an incompetent and failure Senator

By Umar Saleh Burra

Abdul Ahmad Ningi is a senator who’s has got a massive support and praise by a large mammoth crowded of Bauchi central before election, The people’s of Bauchi central unanimously come–up with the idea of voting him because he saved at the red chamber for many years, then we have had believe in him he’ll do the good one for the love and trust we have upon him.

As he won the senator we believe that the Bauchi central at large is something worthy of proud, But all those things we dreams is yet to be accomplished, now the respect and other recognitions by the commoners is declining day by day as it clearly exhibit due to his incompetency and reckless nature of his representation.

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It’s the duty our lawmakers to respresent our mandates before the house but i am much living in uncertain with certainless reasoning over his actions as it indicate for some one to out figure the predicamations and obstacles of a society must associate with it either directly or indirectly.

However, if you want analyze things objectively without fear or favour we can finally attest that Senator Abdul Ahmad Ningi has drastically failed in his 100 days in office.

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I will like to make a clarion call to this slumbering senator of our time that he should wake up from his deadly sleep since before the greedy commoner of ours to fully realize his incapacity and failures to his constituency.

We should keep on letting people in touch about our local political matters by making a rigorous educative discourse to our respective people because social change is our hope and it could not be gain with silence and also this make me to recall one quote “even when the whole world is silence one voice is powerful”



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