Eight Years After the Demise of Sarki Manga, the Grief Lingers

Eight years have passed since the 10th emir GB Misau Alh. Muhammadu Manga III passed away on August 17th, 2015, ended 36-year in reign. Since then, it has became customary for the good people of Misau to recall the events of his time and everything he did as Yarima and Sarki yearningly. Because of his unparalleled attitude toward them, his name reverberates in their hearts and minds. Every day, his supporters flocked to social media sites to pay tribute to him and express their prayers for his quiet resting in grave, during Ramadan, scholars would often recall and pray for him in their Qur’anic exegeses gatherings . In fact, no other historical figure is remembered with the same fondness throughout the emirate as Sarki Manga.

He was born on September 27th, 1937. He was brought up and shaped with honor, respect, tradition, love, and discipline. From the late Alkali Shehu, Malam Abbakari, and Malam Modi, among others, he learnt the Qur’an and the Sunnah, as well as the fundamentals of law and leadership, sirah, and balaga.

He was confident despite being young and intelligent. He was proficient in all the foundational skills required for leadership. His father, the then Emir Sarki Ahmadu, kept him at the palace for classes in royal education. He received training that was infused with the principles and ideals that have governed the caliphate ever since Shehu Danfodio’s time. After enrolling in elementary school, he was in a better position by virtue of the required classes he had taken. He passed the entrance examination to Bauchi Middle School. There, he displays the superhuman qualities that Allah mysteriously bestowed upon him.

He then moved to Ahmadu Bello University in Zaria for a diploma course in Public Administration. He later traveled to UK on a study tour and came home in 1958.

Brilliantly endowed, he was employed by the Misau Native Authority to work as a clerk officer after his return. The emirate council was satisfied with his track record of excellent achievement. In exchange, he was given the title of Yarima and added to him the position of District Head, a very prestigious title and office given solely to royal family members who possess strong moral character and leadership ability and capacity. He distinguished himself in the emirate council, as he occupied his first position in public service.

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He was chosen by the Electoral College to be the 10th Emir of Misau in a smooth transition, as Allah had decreed. He was formally installed as the 10th emir of Misau on October 30th, 1979.

The unbreakable and exceptional record of Sarki Manga began on January 26th, 1980, the day he was crowned and the day the staff of office was given unto him. Sarki Manga was a superb teacher and thinker in addition to being the ideal ruler and guardian. Above all, a visionary king who used his intelligence to further the larger goals of leadership, transforming Misau into a better place for all.

When Sarki Manga was a leader with receptive ears. He opened his doors to his people and made himself always reachable to those in need so that he could listen to their requests and take action at “Zaure na Biyu.” (second parlor) In addition, he was always available for meetings with stakeholders, discussions of urgent and important issues, and lighthearted banter. He offers fatherly advice and assistance during key events.

Sarki Manga served the emirate and the nation without abusing his position for personal gain. He served as Emir of Misau emirate for the longest (1979-2015), although he never bought a home in GRA and acquired farmland in the villages by all means, a factory, a garden for raising cattle, a bank account, or stock anywhere in the world. When the plague of corruption engulfed the palaces, Sarki Manga believed that the Emir’s seat was not about accumulating fortune.

Sarki Manga had an impeccable reputation, had no tolerance for corruption, an embodiment of honesty, fairness, and dependability, the true and authentic definition of integrity, and was tried and trusted in the public sector. He was one of the very few Emirs who had never once faced corruption charges since the establishment of Sokoto caliphate. Every time he spoke, he made an effort to inspire people to love Misau and one another while proclaiming the gospel of peace and harmony. In every speech he gave in public, he captivated the crowd and stimulated their thoughts. The Misau emirate was renowned for harmony and serenity up until his death. There is nothing comparable to a tribal, ethnic, political, or civil unrest element.

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In many ways, Sarki Manga was exceptional. He was the personification of giving and a philanthropic idol. As his people’s Emir, he spent his time working hard to improve their quality of life. He was a cheerful giver endowed with a gentle, kind, and caring heart. His giving spirit made hundreds of people and households of various classes, calibers, and status developed and independent. Throughout his life, Sarki Manga gave his wholehearted support, provided funding cheerfully, performed admirably, distributed resources generously, gave out advice subtly, led cordially, and in general did whatever he knew would make his community a better place to live to the best of his abilities and capability.

He regards leaders as the servants of the common people. He has provided refuge for everyone and has fed animals as well. He has made enormous contributions to the socioeconomic advancement of the less fortunate members of society as well as the Misau community as a whole. A hundred orphan girls were married off by him.

There is not a single person associated with Misau who has not directly or indirectly experienced the sweetness of his reign. Orphans, widows, people with disabilities, students from low socioeconomic backgrounds, and people who were on sickbay but could not pay their medical bills were not excluded. Sarki Manga made it his life’s work to assist those who were struggling.

Many ordinary people had their lives forever changed by Sarki Manga’s kindness, which also had an impact on others’ careers and their lives. No one has been able to put a number on the hundreds of people he assisted over his life. The fallen hero laid the groundwork for people to advance. His unselfish contributions to humanity cannot adequately be expressed in words.

The talented and ambitious adolescents of Misau were given job opportunities by Sarki Manga in both the public and private sectors. The majority of them are now leading healthy, productive lives and are contributing their fair share to Misau’s development.

Sarki Manga invested his time, used his networks, and seized the chance of his greater connections and influence to plant sons of Misau emirate in all government agencies and parastatals of state and federal governments with the strong hope and firm conviction that they would in turn work for Misau emirate. Sarki Manga’s goal was to have many guardian angels in Misau. When building the next generation of elites, he completely overlooked his own children.

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The young people Sarki Manga so dearly loves found inspiration in his life. Aside from the positions he held, he has never been accused of scandal, corruption, or money-laundering. When he left behind ₦3,000 without leaving behind even a single feet of estate, his integrity was finally shown.

Sarki Manga led a contented life that was both straightforward and modest while adhering to his religion wholeheartedly. He warmed others’ hearts and gave them support, inspiration, and encouragement. Indeed, Sarki Manga is no more and never will be. The compassion, hospitality, and humility he instilled in our hearts and minds, on the other hand, ought to endure forever. Others are making Sarki Manga happy in his grave right now because he makes them happy when he was alive. Only Allah is aware of the righteous individuals who regularly ask Allah to pardon him, make his grave part of Divine garden and give him Aljannatul-Firdausi as his last residence.

He was aware that he would one day leave this planet and that whatever he did in this life would be held accountable in the hereafter. This awareness guided all his deeds. He will always be remembered for his iconic songs and humanitarian work.

His people always greeted him warmly and enthusiastically anytime he appeared in public events or durbar festival, screaming various slogans, most notably “Manga sai Mahdi.”

He received the national honor of OON (Officer of the Order of Niger) from President Umaru Musa Yaradua (of blessed memory) in recognition of his sterling contribution.

Oh Allah! Make Sarki Manga one of the inhabitants of Aljannatul-Firdausi, bless and guide his genes, support and strengthen his back, and pardon him. Ameen.

Adieu Wan-Dawa Yaya!

Ismail Ahmad
Writes from Kesala, Misau.

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